Brown on ABC’s Good Morning America

David O. Brown, who spent his early career in Lake Highlands, retired from the Dallas Police Department last Oct. 22.

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Brown found himself in the national spotlight after an attack following a Black Lives Matter rally last July 7 killed five police officers.

Brown’s handling of the events and his oversight of the DPD gained him positive attention from the New York Times to People and just about every news outlet in between. Many even called on Brown to run for president.

Brown’s personal losses during his time as Dallas’ chief (Police shot and killed Brown’s PCP-crazed son after he murdered two people, including one officer) made him an especially sympathetic public figure.

Many contemplated what Brown might do next, and it seems he has found at least one gig as part of Good Morning America’s “team of insiders.”

Recently I saw ABC’s twitter headline “Queen Latifah’s car stolen from gas station,” and before I could say, “Oh no they didn’t,” I realized Brown was reporting the story.

According to a WFAA story: James Goldston with ABC says Brown’s “unique perspective” will be used to report on issues going on in the U.S. — including gun violence, policing, social justice, race relations, and economic inequality — as a new presidential era begins.