Phil Dawson, aka Uncle Phil

Phil Dawson, aka Uncle Phil

Lake Highlands High School 1993 alum and Pro Bowler Phil Dawson is receiving congratulations from his San Francisco 49-er teammates after kicking his 400th career field goal Sunday against New England. The team posted a laudatory video to their Facebook and Youtube pages Sunday, which you can view here.

“I’ve always tried to be just one of the guys on the team,” Dawson told KNBR radio after his heroic feat. “I’ve never tried to be that weird kicker that does his own thing, and to have that kind of reception means a lot to me, given my efforts through the years to be a football player and just go out there on fourth down and kick the ball. So I’ll remember that for a long time.”

Dawson found the accomplishment a chance to reminisce.

“As a fan of football, growing up in Dallas – I’ve gotta be quiet about that around here when I say that –the first time I got to play in old Texas Stadium was a big deal to me. But then at the old Meadowlands, old Mile High, old Vet in Philly, Three Rivers in Cincinnati – no that was Pittsburgh, Riverfront in Cincinnati – getting to play in all those places where I’d watched as a kid, that was pretty cool.”

Dawson will tee it up again against Miami next Sunday at noon on Fox. His 49-ers will be looking to improve their 1-9 2016 record.