Experience, luck, and, if you ask the heroine of the whole ordeal, divine intervention, came together Monday to save a woman’s life.

WFAA reports that a mother of a student suffered a heart attack as she left a parent teacher meeting. Jessica Haas, a school staffer and former emergency room nurse who was nearby grabbed the AED (automated external defibrillator), a device that helps revive cardiac arrest victims, and went to work, ultimately saving the lady’s life.

Not surprisingly, Haas, who made news when she organized a prayer walk during the Lake Highlands serial-rape ordeal, gave the praise to The Man Upstairs.

“With God’s help I was there and the AED was so close,” Haas told TV reporters.

The victim’s husband, Brian Maupin, an artist who also has been featured in the Advocate, says his wife is doing well, and that he cannot thank Haas enough.