Amazon Lockers have been installed at Quik Trip, 6060 Skillman Road

Amazon lockers have been installed at Quik Trip, 6060 Skillman Road

Have you or your neighbors had packages stolen from the front porch or mailbox? Did you hear about the recent case of the United States postal employee who, upon finding an Amazon package delivered to a mailbox, removed it and charged the homeowner a fee to retrieve it?

Amazon has a quick and easy solution, right here in Lake Highlands.

Amazon has installed lockers at businesses around the country, including at the Quik Trip convenience store at 6060 Skillman in front of Home Depot. The lockers are outside the store on the north side of the building, accessible using a single-use punch code.

“Those lockers get used all the time,” explained Quik Trip employee Justin, who spoke to me while selling soft drinks and lottery tickets from behind the QT counter. “The people who use them live in apartments with small mailboxes or don’t want their package to sit on their porch all day while they are at work. When your package gets put into the locker by the delivery guy, he scans it in and you get notified by text or email. You just punch your code into the locker and take the package out. It’s really cool.”

You’ll pay no fee to Quik Trip for the convenience – in fact you needn’t even enter the store. Their parking lot is busy and well-lit, and the store is open 24 hours. Your package can remain in the locker for 3 business days, accessible using the pin code emailed to only you. Just click “Amazon Locker” under “shipping address” when you make an Amazon purchase, and you’re good to go.

You’ll find more info on the Amazon website here and a Wiki-tutorial here.

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Update: Amazon lockers are also available for use at the Exxon/7-11 at Northwest Highway and Easton.

Amazon Lockers are located on the north side of the building

Amazon lockers are located on the north side of the building