As we discussed years ago, in this article, Facebook is not just for uselessly sucking your valuable time anymore. It’s a place where, if utilized correctly, you can become as informed as you want to be about your neighborhood, get to know your neighbors, boost your safety and security and conveniently buy and sell things, to name a few. Here are a some new and tried-and-true, pages that help us navigate Lake Highlands and the White Rock area. Help us expand the list. Let us know your favorites.

Helping Lake Highlands (New public group)
Any perusing of the Advocate site at all will reveal myriad Dallas nonprofits, charity efforts and fundraising events for families in need stem from our neighborhood. Just last week was a Pamper Lake Highlands event; next week is unique and worthwhile a.m. fundraiser for a beautiful, terminally ill child. Concerts that support neighborhood improvements, blood drives and doggie adoptions are a regular occurrence, and expect a benefit following any local tragedy or hardship. With the many neighborhood-rooted organizations doing good work regularly, plus the weekly events, it can be tough to keep up (though we try to let you know about them here, so be sure you receive our weekly newsletter and follow our page). A Wallace Elementary father set up this Facebook group called Helping Lake Highlands. “One of our goals at Helping Lake Highlands is to raise awareness of local fundraisers in order to help increase donations and the money raised at these events. List your non-profit fundraiser at no cost on our calendar,” he notes.

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Post from You know you’re from Lake Highlands if … (Facebook)

You know you’re from Lake Highlands If … (well-established public group)
Nostalgia, vintage photos of the high school and old businesses — it’s  a page for “anyone who grew up in Lake Highlands and remembers the good old days.” You’ll also find lively discussion about current events. “Does anyone remember The Devil Worshippers that lived off of White Rock Trail?” begins one popular post. Another post supplies “photographic evidence” of a “1982 senior prank that involved an effigy of assistant principal Spanky.” Suffice to say, lots of Advocate story seeds are harvested from this group.

Lake Highlands Forum (Closed group, should live in Lake Highlands area, request to join)
It’s a relatively new but quickly growing group created to discuss all things Lake Highlands. “Discussion is open to all subjects relevant to Lake Highlands, but please keep it civil and on topic,” admins note. “For instance, local politics (Dallas, District 10, RISD board/bond, etc.) are great, but other politics needs to move to a different forum.” From school overcrowding, to advice about medical specialists, from local job openings to open house listings. Plugging of your business and real estate listings are allowed, but should be limited.

Lake Highlands Online Garage Sale (Facebook)

Lake Highlands Online Garage Sale (Facebook)

Lake Highlands Online Garage Sale (Closed group, request to join)
There are many good pages for buying and selling locally. This is the one created specifically for Lake Highlands residents with the most members, at the time, and, full disclosure, it’s administrated by an Advocate staffer (though we reap no benefit from the page). The first rule of these types of pages, which will save you much grief, shame and possibly eviction from the group, if you are new to this (this one is not strict as some, but still): Read. The. Rules.

Dallas Police Department - Northeast Division (Facebook)

Dallas Police Department – Northeast Division (Facebook)

Dallas Police Department Northeast Division (Page, like and follow)
Follow the specific happenings at our neighborhood police substation. Reminders of community events, alerts about crimes and trends and new task forces and wanted people in our neighborhood. This comes in especially handy when something major happens, like when the police were hunting a rapist who was terrorizing Lake Highlands or when a young woman was killed and they were working 24/7 to solve the crime — during those times of turmoil police often keep the public abreast via Facebook and Twitter.

Post from Lakewood, Dallas

Post from Lakewood, Dallas (Facebook)

Lakewood, Dallas (Closed group, just request to join)
Though it’s called Lakewood, Dallas, much of the fodder involves the greater White Rock area, and there is so much entertainment coursing through this feed, that you will be happy to be in the loop. The page has close to 10,000 members and discussions frequently lean witty and amusing, while informative  — just be sure you have a thick skin if you inject yourself into said conversations. There’s a shoe been sitting on this particular sidewalk for a month — is it yours? Do you need a permit to fish in White Rock Creek? Here’s some info about lice. Who is responsible for this pile of trash (map)? There are serious arguments sometimes about whether bakeries should be open on holidays. I mean, deep stuff.

Adam McGough

Adam McGough

Adam McGough, Dallas City Council, District 10 (Page, like and follow)
Current District 10 Councilman Adam McGough posts regularly about happenings in our district. He interacts with users and answers questions when he can. He shares information about public input meetings, and charity fundraisers and developments at City Hall. While not quite as outspokenly opinionated as some of his colleagues (See Mark Clayton or Phillip Kingston, for example), McGough still manages to share much of D10’s need-to-know items.

Be sure to follow your own neighborhood’s association Facebook group. Most have administrators who try to keep membership to residents of the neighborhood only.

What groups do you find most helpful, entertaining or informative? Let us know, and we can expand the list.