Ah, Millennials — lazy, coddled little snowflakes, right? Wrong. Wrong Wrong, according to Time magazine, anyway.

And according to much of our own research. (Don’t forget those high school seniors stories we bring you each year).

Take, for instance, one Holt Mitchell, the 21-year-old neighborhood association board member (onetime interim president) of Whispering Hills, who, along with neighborhood resident George Chandler, created this interactive map of our neighborhood.

It started with Chandler creating an RISD map with the elementary boundaries and school data,” Mitchell says. “From there, we started working together adding junior and high school boundaries, and the neighborhood apartment boundaries.”

“George gets the credit for creating the map,” Mitchell says.

Altogether it includes “school boundaries — high school, junior highs and elementary — along with multifamily and single family neighborhood info and boundaries within council District 10. The different layers are on the sidebar on the map,” he says. “I thought it might be helpful for y’all to have.”

Indeed. Very helpful. I’m brewing up some uses for it right now.