Image from the Dallas Police Department's Twitter feed dedicated to the violent crime task force

Image from the Dallas Police Department’s Twitter feed dedicated to the violent crime task force

The numbers are impressive — 2510 traffic stops, 314 arrests, 30 stolen vehicles recovered, 31 search warrants executed and 61 illegally possessed guns taken off the streets.

It’s all happened in the past two months, according to a Dallas Police announcement, following the formation of the Violent Crime Task Force on March 2.

The VCTF includes 170 officers from various branches of the Dallas Police Department — SWAT, narcotics, gang — who have adjusted their schedules and embedded in Dallas’ most dangerous areas, responding to our city’s climbing crime stats.

The northeast sector of Dallas had been hit particularly hard — we were seeing multiple murders weekly, even after the task force was in place. But police say the task force has brought down violent crime by 4.9 percent.

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We don’t care that the violent crime task force is a public relations move — which it partly is, as clearly evidenced by the task-force-dedicated Twitter handle — as long as it is working. And, in fact, it is a kick to watch (scroll for a few examples). Follow along at @DallasPDVCTF. They remind us that of course they can’t tweet everything.