Police cruiser. (iStock)

More than $13,000 worth of property was stolen from a business in the 9100 block of N. Central Expressway on Feb. 24 around 1:30 a.m. The police report did not state the name of the burglarized store, but we called around and an employee at Men’s Wearhouse confirmed the crime had occurred at the shop.

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A witness told police two men pulled up to the business in a red four-door Dodge pickup. One of the individuals proceeded to throw “a metal object through one of the large glass window panels adjacent to the front door. The window shattered and the suspects entered the business and removed numerous items of clothing.” They quickly threw the apparel into the truck’s bed and fled the scene.

Suspects (Dallas County)

Suspects Travis DeWayne Crowder and Brenson Dudley Smith. (Dallas County)

Within minutes, “undercover officers” spotted the vehicle. According to the report, they “maintained eyes on the vehicle until uniformed officers could arrive to conduct a traffic stop.” The suspects were eventually pulled over in the 43000 block of Julius Schepps Freeway. All of the stolen merchandise was subsequently returned to Men’s Wearhouse. The suspects were taken into custody. They have been identified as Travis DeWayne Crowder, 38, and Brenson Dudley Smith, 44.