Porky 7300 Lizshire 2.18.16
You have to have been an Advocate reader for awhile to recall Porky the Pothole Pig, our infamous buddy from years ago. The original Porky retired in 2008, when I guess we were younger and more idealistic about what we thought was the City’s pothole diminishing pothole problem.

Well … eight years and a billion-dollar pothole/streets crisis later, we’re a little older and more jaded, if not wiser.

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So a new, more serious Porky has returned, and during a recent trip along the 7300 block of Lizshire, Porky found more than a few potholes and street problems. (FYI, this Porky is about the size of a sheet of typing paper and about four inches wide.) The intersection of Lizshire and Pegshire is pretty chopped up, and the streets in the vicinity are pretty rough, too.

Being a good Dallas citizen, Porky reported this pothole to the city’s 311 web portal Thursday, Feb. 18, around 6 p.m.; the portal promises a three-day look-see into the problem and then a five-day repair date. You can follow along yourself by visiting the website and putting in the following service code: 16-00066592.

We know the city crews are overwhelmed with potholes, so Porky’s just trying to help out. If you have a favorite (or hated) pothole, let us know at porky@advocatemag.com

Maybe Porky can pay yours a visit, too. And in the meantime, enter it into the 311 portal and let us know how that goes.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Great news! This pothole was repaired by the City Feb. 23, according to an email from the 311 portal.