Charlie Waters and Cliff Harris. (National Football League)

Charlie Waters and Cliff Harris. (National Football League)

It happened at a nearby church parking lot.

In an interview with SportsDay, Lake Highlands High School alum and Dallas Cowboys sideline reporter Kristi Scales shares a junior high memory of an exchange with Cowboys legend Charlie Waters, who, along with Cliff Harris and Drew Pearson, is her “all-time favorite,” she says.

Here’s the transcript:

“OK, against better judgment, I’ll share my favorite Charlie Waters story. It goes back to when I was in junior high and lived in Lake Highlands where there were tons of Cowboys who lived nearby because the old Cowboys practice facility was on Forest Lane at Abrams Road. Here’s the scenario: It’s Christmas Eve and my family and I are at the church’s Christmas Eve service. Charlie and Rosie Waters and their family also attended Zion Lutheran. Anyway, during the service, my sister and I see Charlie and Rosie sit down one church pew ahead of us, but on the other side of the aisle. It could have been the Easter Bunny or St Patrick’s Day leprechaun up on the altar and we wouldn’t have known because we spent the entire service staring at the back of Charlie Waters’ head. After the service, in the parking lot, we asked for Charlie’s autograph. We had nothing for him to sign except for the church program. So there it was, printed on the cover in black and white, “Unto Us a Child Is Born,” followed by, in ballpoint pen, “Love, Charlie Waters.” Sacrilege? Not for a Cowboys fan!”

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