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Toys and games

To celebrate their 3rd birthday, Ra Ra’s Closet doesn’t want to receive gifts. The resale boutique for maternity, baby and kids instead hopes you’ll make a donation to the White Rock Center of Hope.

Ra Ra’s, owned by Robyn Sanford, features locally made products such as hair bows, children’s hair care, natural skin care and other items. About half the store holds consignment goods, like gently used maternity clothes, baby equipment and school uniforms. The other half features new stock, like children’s books, floor puzzles and art supplies.

“This all started because I have several pairs of brand new school shoes on the consignment rack, and I’d love to see someone using them,” Sanford told me. “We donate stuff to White Rock Center of Hope throughout the year. This toy and clothing drive is to encourage our customers to purchase new and gently used items to donate in celebration of our birthday. It’s funny, because when I called the White Rock Center of Hope people to tell them what we were doing, they could have come through the phone to kiss me. They were so appreciative.”

White Rock Center of Hope is a community coalition of churches, civic organizations, businesses, schools and individuals who aid the needy. Their 250 volunteers have distributed more than $3.6 million in food, clothing, school supplies, toys, financial aid and other basic needs to more than 360,000 people.

Donations of any kind will be accepted until Monday, Dec. 21, and if you need a little guidance, Sanford has put together a basket of suggestions at the store in every price range to give you inspiration.

“I want to serve,” says Sanford. “This is my ministry.”

Ra Ra’s Closet is located on Ferndale at Northwest Highway near Gecko’s Hardware.

Ra Ra's Closet is at Ferndale and Northwest Highway

Ra Ra’s Closet is at Ferndale and Northwest Highway

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