town center

Lake Highlands Town Center. (Photo by Rasy Ran)

In the eight years since breaking ground on the 70-acre Lake Highlands Town Center development — which originally was supposed to feature a movie theater, hip new restaurants, a community grocer and a walkable neighborhood gathering place — we have a new (*highly underutilized – see chart below) DART stop, a high-rise apartment building called The Haven (or the Aven at night since the light in the H went out) and a hair salon. And a completely revamped plan for the property. Developers Cypress Real Estate Advisors compromised the original plan in a presumable effort to bring in Sprouts grocery store.

Now Cypress-associated company Argyle Residential aims to build a 4-story, 257-unit apartment building across the street from the 200-unit Haven, according to real estate reporter Steve Brown.

This is consistent with Cypress’ plans that were rejected months ago by the Dallas’ design-review panel for tax-funded projects, and echo the successful projects of the BMA enterprises. Cypress later forfeited taxpayer funding in order to proceed, unobstructed, with their plans for the property, which look something like this:


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