Syrian refugee children (Wikipedia commons)

Earlier this week, Catholic Charities of Dallas, with an office in Lake Highlands (Abrams at I-635), said they would not accept Syrian refugees, after Texas’ governor announced his wishes to halt the acceptance of Syrian refugees into the refugee resettlement program. But the organization changed its stance Wednesday, after pressure from the community to do so.

“Catholic Charities believes in a compassionate response to those who are fleeing violence and persecution around the world. We are called by the Gospel to reach out to all those in need,” they announced in a press release. “Catholic Charities of Dallas will continue to serve all refugees. We realize we do not work alone in relocating these vulnerable families, women and children who are seeking political refuge. We pray that our leaders will work with the world community to provide safe haven to vulnerable and deserving refugees in dire need of shelter and safety.”

Earlier this week we shared information from other neighborhood refugee resettlement professionals:

Jason Clarke of Vickery Meadow-based Seek The Peace disputed the idea that participation in the official refugee program would put Americans at undue risk of terrorism, and he tackled assertions that the United States cannot adequately vet refugees (… more here).