A law that gives Texans a way to complain about “no guns” signs posted on government property went into effect in September and is already being tested in the neighborhood. This week, the Dallas Arboretum removed its signs banning firearms after receiving a formal complaint about them, according to the Dallas Morning News. 

Under the new law, SB 273, if a resident believes there are “no guns” signs posted on government property, they now have a direct path to file a complaint with the office of the state’s attorney general, which has the authority to levy fines of $10,000 a day against an institution that attempts to ban guns on government property. While the local natural treasure is managed by the Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society, a private nonprofit, it is situated on city-owned land.

In a similar case, the Dallas Zoo has challenged a complaint to remove their “no guns” signs, and are awaiting a decision from the state, which was written up this week in the Wall Street Journal.