Image from New Leaf Custom Homes, 9758 Edgepine

Custom Lake Highlands home builder New Leaf has found a new way to showcase their work while also giving back to a charitable cause. For the first time this Saturday, Nov. 7, they have organized a home tour, allowing people to peek inside recently built family residences. All of the proceeds raised during the event will benefit the Hastings family, whose oldest daughter, Zoe, was murdered last month.

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“[The Hastings] are personal friends of ours and we were deeply affected by this tragedy,” said Melissa Powell, co-founder of New Leaf. “We wanted to do anything we could to help the family.”

On the tour, visitors will get a glimpse inside four Lake Highlands homes, two of which New Leaf built from the ground up, and two of which were “rebuilds,” Powell says. The properties, at 9758 Edgepine, 7742 Goforth, 10412 Trailcliff and 8816 Plano Parkway, showcase their more modern designs along with more traditional homes.

“All of them belong to former clients of ours,” Powel says. “They’ve all been built in the last two to three years.”

New Leaf has previously held open houses, but this is the first time they’ve organized a tour of occupied homes. They plan to host them twice a year moving forward, with the next one scheduled in April.

“We’ll include Lakewood homes on that tour,” Powell says. “Hopefully it’ll show people what we can do.”

Tickets are $5 if purchased online ahead of time; or $10 at the door of any of the four properties.