More than 300 people showed up Thursday at Norbuck Park to help police find clues in the murder of 18-year-old Zoe Hastings.

Organizers — police and the Hastings family — distributed highlighted maps and questionnaires to volunteers who then filtered out of the park, going door to door to ask nearby residents if they had surveillance cameras or any information related to the homicide. Volunteers canvassed the entire area surrounding the crime scene and the Walgreens where police say Hastings may have been before she was killed. Ginger Greenberg, whose sister is Zoe Hastings’ aunt, told us that out of 170 maps, all but three were used in the canvass. Groups of three or four people targeted homes on each map. She also says volunteers returned a boxful of answered questionnaires that potentially contain helpful leads for the five detectives working the case (that’s more than twice the manpower of most homicide cases in Dallas).

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Zoe Hastings was killed sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning, when she was discovered by neighbors in a Lochwood creek bed. Zoe’s parents began searching for her Sunday evening when she did not show up for a missionary class at the family’s Lake Highlands area Mormon church. Upon discovery of her body, police confirmed “homicidal violence” and launched a manhunt for her killer.

“Zoe was very special to me, my wife Katy and our three children,” Hastings’ uncle, Nick Hastings, tearfully told volunteers.

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Danny Fulgencio was on hand, taking photos. Click on images for more information.