Members of the Dallas Running Club have organized a memorial run for recent murder victim David Stevens. It will take place 6:30 p.m. Monday, beginning at the clubhouse on 1130 Beachview, near White Rock Lake.

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“We will meet at the DRC clubhouse at 6:30. Plan to turn left off of Poppy,” organizers note. “There’s no set distance. However, at 7:30 there will be an informal candlelight vigil back in the parking lot. Everyone is welcome.”

Organizers explain that there will be one mile of silent running to commemorate Stevens, not a member of the club, but a fellow marathoner.

“One mile from Poppy, on the way back, there will be a marker to indicate the beginning of the silent run — we ask that you pause your conversations, turn your music off, and just run. Run fast. Run slow. Run because you can. Run because there are so many who can’t. While it is a fantastic thing to be able to celebrate, let’s collectively, respectfully, and silently dedicate that mile to David Stevens.”

Location of vigil

Location of vigil