LHHS celebrated 50 years in 2014: Photo by Danny Fulgencio

The “conversation,” a row that has resurfaced time and again over the years, started up again recently on social media after the Wildcat booster club began selling Lake Highlands High School T-shirts with “est. 1964” added in fine print.

Many alumni agree LHHS was established in 1960 and some argue the perpetuation of the “Est. 1964,” which often appears, is erroneous.

To add to the confusion, the school celebrated 50 years last year (2014). Similar festivities were held, under principal Bob Iden, in 2004 to celebrate 40 years, seemingly substantiating the “Est. 1964” slogan.

But the Highlandettes, the school’s drill team, celebrated 50 years in 2011-2012. So did the football team. (We covered all three, so click on those links in the text for more).

Former longtime principal and LHHS alum Bob Iden took to Facebook over the weekend in attempt to straighten out some of the confusion (we touched base with him and quote him with permission).

“Allow me to weigh in on this conversation since I am probably the person who created this issue,” Iden writes.

“During my tenure as principal, I noted that other than class reunions, LHHS had never conducted any sort of anniversary celebration. The information that I had always seen and heard indicated that Lake Highlands High School/Junior High was founded in 1960 at the current site of Lake Highlands Junior High, and that the grade 10-12 Lake Highlands High School campus and its first graduating class were established at its current site in 1964.”

He continues, “It may be a matter of semantics to differentiate between the words ‘founded’ and ‘established’, especially when [as pointed out] all of the current organizations that so well represent the proud history and tradition of LHHS were, in fact, established in 1960.”

He goes on to explain that he promoted the 40-year anniversary in 2004 to “rally support from LH-exes and the Lake Highlands community” and honor the school’s history and tradition.

“The Wildcat Club joined in the promotion of the 40th Anniversary,” he adds, “and ‘Est.1964’ started to appear on shirts and spirit items that they still sell to this day.”

He adds, “Believe me, I would be the last person to deny the great history of our alma mater.”

The first LHHS classes were held in the fall of 1960. The high school as we know it opened in 1964, the same year that the first class graduated. In conjunction with the 50th anniversary, the Advocate published a series of stories about LHHS history that you can find here.