Love Goodfriend but want it to-go? That might be a possibility soon.

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Josh Yingling and Matt Tobin, the pair that owns Goodfriend Beer Garden & Burger House on Peavy in the White Rock Lake area plan to open a package store across the street.

They’ve been leasing out the location at 1155 Peavy for at least a couple years, but they’ve only used it for storage thus far. Now construction is underway, and they hope to be finished soon — although there’s no expiration date on “soon” yet.

Jacob Neely, a manager at Goodfriend, says the concept is “basically the exact opposite of Goodfriend.” Goodfriend has a liquor license that keeps them from being able to sell beer to go, so the new place will have beer to go but no sit-down restaurant.

It’s more like a deli/convenient store set up. There will be deli sandwiches available, along with packaged meat and cheese. There will even be a couple places to sit, if you’d like to eat your sandwich there. However, you can’t drink alcohol on the premise, so if you want to eat and drink you’ll have to take it home or go next door to Goodfriend.

“It’ll be the one place in [the area] where you can get a good sandwich, and that was kind of the thought behind it,” Neely explains.