Luckily, the Dallas-area quakes haven’t led to damage like this.

Did you feel that earthquake?

The U. S. Geological Survey confirms a 2.7 magnitude quake this morning at 5:38 a.m. in Las Colinas.

If the quakes continue today during school hours, take heart. Lake Highlands High School has added “earthquake protocol” to the offerings on its website, with six pages of instructions on how to handle such an emergency. Teachers and staff are now equipped to guide students to the best available cover, teach students to “duck, cover and hold,” and determine how much evacuation is necessary.

You can view the entire earthquake protocol document here.

Staff are advised to survey the building now – before an earthquake – to anticipate hazards. Tall bookcases, large windows, pendant light fixtures and chemistry labs could all be dangerous if a serious quake hits. If evacuation becomes necessary, downed trees, power lines, broken concrete and gas leaks could all represent threats, as well. Thinking about the unthinkable, the document suggests, is the best way to be prepared.

The helpful hints came from the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

If earthquake training in LH seems a little much, remember the Metroplex has experienced more than 50 minor quakes in the past 6 months. Preparation for “the big one” is designed, no doubt, for the safety and peace of mind of students, teachers and parents alike.