Adam McGough, when he appeared in the East Dallas Advocate in 2008: Photo by Robert Bunch

Adam McGough, when he appeared in the East Dallas Advocate in 2008

Not officially, but it safe to say he is setting himself up for that opportunity.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings’ Chief of Staff Adam McGough joined the Lake Highlands Exchange Club this morning, at the club’s regular Friday 7 a.m. meeting. District 10 councilman Jerry Allen, who will be exiting his city council position at the end of this term, introduced McGough to the group, but made no mention of the election happening this spring.

Adam McGough: Photo from Dallas City Hall

More-recent Adam McGough:

But there has been buzz recently (mention by neighborhood HOA and other Lake Highlands pundits and residents, though not in any capacity solid enough to report before now) that McGough might vie for the place, which represents most of Lake Highlands. Figuring his new membership at the Lake Highlands Exchange Club lent credence to the rumors, we asked McGough if he indeed planned to run for city council.

He declined to officially announce his candidacy, but he did stop by the Advocate offices to introduce himself.

We chatted a bit about his work in southern Dallas and his experiences as a resident of Lake Highlands — in addition to being the mayor’s right hand man, McGough oversee’s the GrowSouth Initiative, which focuses on strengthening neighborhoods, schools and the reputation of southern Dallas (he also coaches his son’s soccer team). We will fill you in more on McGough and his background and priorities if and when he officially decides to campaign.

Of note, in 2008, when McGough was community prosecutor for the Old East Dallas area, we wrote about his work fixing crime-riddled properties (of which, incidentally, there are plenty in District 10).

We also will introduce you to any other candidate that files before the Feb. 27 deadline, so be sure to check back regularly and sign up for the Lake Highlands Advocate’s weekly newsletter for the latest.

The City of Dallas elections for mayor and city council will take place May 9 this year. All 14 city council seats are up for election. No one yet officially has filed for 10.