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Lisa R. Andrews: Greenville Police Department

It’s a good question. When police found the body of a woman ten days after she was reported missing, they did not tell the public much about the victim, except that her name was Lisa Byrd-New Andrews, a 48-year-old woman last seen in Greenville, TX with dark hair and green eyes (the first missing person report indicated she frequently changed her hair and eye color).

An investigation is ongoing, says Chinh Le of the Dallas Police Department, so they cannot answer any of the finer queries from us or our readers, such as: Where did she work? Did she have a family? Was she invovled with anyone who might be a suspect? How did she wind up in Lake Highlands? Nor is the Greenville PD in a position to tell what ultimately led them to the Sontera Palms apartments, where last week they discovered Andrews’ body in the trunk of a 2005 Ford Mustang.

We did find information about Andrews under the name Lisa Renee Andrews with the birthdate 11/22/1966, and police confirm that the victims’ birthdate and middle initial are consistent with said profile.

Based on information associated with this alias, Andrews, apparently the victim of foul play, was a mother of one son. She worked as a publicist or promoter in the music and entertainment and wrestling industries. She included, in a public online profile, that she was a writer and producer working on a documentary about the Von Erich family. Though she reportedly went missing from Greenville, she listed herself in the profile as a Dallas resident who used to live in Greenville.

The Sontera Palms apartments: Google Maps

The Sontera Palms apartments: Google Maps

The vehicle in which she was found, a silver Mustang, belongs to a family member, police have confirmed.

We attempted to reach out to Andrews’ acquaintances for more information, but, at this time, have received no response. We will stay in touch with police and report any new developments.