Bogo Bistro on Audelia

Bogo Bistro on Audelia

The corner of Northwest and Plano, formerly occupied by a Papa Murphy’s pizza, now offers the new sandwich, pizza, wing, etc. shop Bogo Bistro.

A second Papa Murphy’s on Audelia in Richardson, just north of the Lake Highlands area, also turned Bogo.

Bogo sells pizzas that actually are cooked, unlike its predecessor Papa Murphy’s, which sold dough that you took home to burn, um, I mean bake.

An article in Forbes last summer outlined Papa Murphy’s many problems including unhappy franchisees, law suits and dwindling profits which evidently led to the nearby closings/conversions.

Bogo’s specialty pizzas run about $18 for a large. They sell boneless wings, sandwiches and salads too. For what it’s worth, Yelp reviewers say the pizzas aren’t quite the Papa Murphy’s standard, but good for the price. There also are some photos, a menu and other insights from Yelpers.