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White Rock Station: Google Maps

White Rock DART train station closed temporarily Sunday after a woman reportedly vomited on the DART platform; there apparently were concerns that the ill passenger had been exposed to Ebola. She reportedly told medics that she had been in an apartment with Dallas Ebola victim Eric Duncan, but later it turned out she had not, according to reports, and she was not on any sort of Ebola observation list.

Shortly after the woman became ill, hazardous materials workers were dispatched to the Northwest Highway station, just east of Abrams, where they evacuated the train, stopped service and cleaned. As of Sunday evening, DART had not reopened the station.

Incidentally, about six DART passengers vomited at some point Sunday, and it is nothing unusual. This is a typical Sunday on DART. “She’s the sixth person who’s thrown up at a DART facility today,” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins told reporters. “That is just part of public transportation that I was unaware of, but that does happen.”

DART spokesperson Morgan Lyons attributed the illness, probably, to the flu season.

Meanwhile, a group of people who actually were in direct contact with the deceased Ebola victim completed a 21-day quarantine at midnight. This includes students at four area schools.