White Rock Dog Park: Photos by Brittany Nunn

The White Rock Lake Dog Park, which closed in late-April for construction, looks a bit like a dump these days, but things have to get worse before they get better, right?

“At this time, the contractor has completed all demolition work and is working on storm drainage system,” says Leong F. Lim, the program manager for design, engineering and site development with the Parks and Rec Department.

White Rock Lake Dog Park is finally getting the long overdue revamp that was proposed two years ago. Last we heard, the City figured the dog park would reopen early next year. The current projected opening date is February 2015.

At one point, city officials threw around the idea of building a temporary dog park at White Rock Lake while the big one was under construction, but that would have cost about $40,000, which they decided to put toward the final project instead. (Click on small image for larger slideshow view).