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The world’s best surfer Laird Hamilton last September praised stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in a Men’s Journal article. “Standing up gave me this completely different perspective of the water,” says the dude who is famous, among other things, for innovating a method to catch faster-moving, more massive waves.

“As I started doing it exclusively, I noticed my body getting stronger. Like swimming, paddle boarding is an all-body workout. It strengthens your core and stabilization system, requiring your connective tissue to generate power through your hands and out your feet.

But more than just the physical rewards, paddle boarding restores your balance and calms your spirit.”

Now White Rock area residents can learn SUP right here at our neighborhood pond from a renowned paddle, surf and fitness athlete.

Tyler Marshall, proprietor of DFW Surf, recently announced SUP lessons at White Rock Lake beginning July 4.

“There’s one class on July 4 and beginning the following week 9:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. classes begin each Friday,” Tyler tells us.

Classes meet at the Boomerang across from White Rock Boat House and run about $40.

Visit for schedules and to book classes. Scroll down to July 4 to see White Rock class availability.

 You can also email with questions.