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Annie Clark, a 2001 Lake Highlands High School grad who performs under the moniker St. Vincent, kicked butt on Saturday Night Live’s season finale this past weekend. Critiques from major music/culture publications ranged from pretty-impressed to obsessed: 

Rolling Stone‘s Miriam Coleman notes St. Vincent’s “oddball choreography” and “strangely deliberate arm dancing,” but seems to mean it in the best possible way, and she also mentions Clark’s “blazing guitar licks.”

The writers at SPIN call St. Vincent’s performances (tracks “Digital Witness” and “Birth In Reverse” from her new album that shares a name with the latter ) “bewitching,” and they call Clark’s guitar work “virtuosic.”

And Slate’s Sharan Shetty calls St. Vincent the best part of SNL’s season finale (and that was a show that included appearances from Maya Rudolph, Bill Hader, Seth Myers and Martin Short, not to mention Andy Samberg’s Nicholas Cage impersonation) and compared her to 80s-era David Bowie and 90s era PJ Harvey. Wow.

Watch her here.

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