early votingSandra Biggs, Early Election Judge at Bethany Lutheran Church, says early voting turnout in Lake Highlands so far seems “just about the same as last year.”

That’s a shame.

In the 2013 RISD school board election, only 2% of voters showed up to cast their ballots, while 10% of voters in Richardson went to the polls. Two seats are open in the May 10 election after two long-time incumbents announced plans to retire.

“There was a steady flow, especially Monday, the first day,” said Biggs, “but it’s been slowing down. I think some people forgot to vote this week. If we can have a steady flow we are happy because we are not just sitting around.”

“This is an excellent location, people know it, they can find it,” continued Biggs. “We’ve moved from the library to the rec center, and now this is our permanent home.”

Amy Timmerman, one of the organizers of Let’s Back Northlake, is concerned that LH residents won’t show up at the polls to make their voices heard.

“At the end of the day it is our civic duty and our right to vote for the person we individually feel is the right person for the task. These people we elect are responsible for every child in RISD, every teacher, every administrator, and every school, and it is our job to make sure we are putting our children in the right hands. There is simply no reason not to vote. There is nothing more important than our kids.”

Local realtor Robin Norcross agrees.

“Yard signs don’t vote but registered voters do and should. Just because a candidate has a healthy showing of yard signs in LH only means they have a healthy showing of yard signs.”

Norcross believes decisions made in May could last well beyond the trustee’s three-year term.

“School Board Trustees are not term limited; they can serve for as long as they like.  When 1 or 2, in this case, retire it is our responsibility to very thoughtfully decide who we want to shape RISD for many years to come.”

Early voting continues until Tuesday, May 6th. All candidates are elected “at large,” so all of RISD, which includes parts of Dallas, Richardson and Garland will vote to elect both candidates.

You can read our Advocate Guide to RISD School Board Candidates here.