Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 10.47.23 PMA Lake Highlands resident recently launched a site “for writers by writers”.   It is called Authors Tea and provides a forum for writers of, mostly, fan fiction — both new and published — to share their work with a community of fellow writers.

“We’ve built a platform where authors can showcase their work and interact directly with fans and other like-minded artists,” Authors Tea president and founder Dru Ubben says.

The Star Trek magazine, Spockanalia is an early version of fan fiction

The Star Trek magazine, Spockanalia is an early example of fan fiction.

Ubben lives in our neighborhood with her husband of eighteen years and her four children. She says her teenage daughter introduced her to fan fiction and a network of fan fiction writers. Fan fiction, in case you are unfamiliar, includes original stories based on existing characters from popular fiction, TV shows, movies, etc.

Some 30 authors from around the globe volunteered their time and expertise to make the Author’s Tea site a reality, notes Ubben.

Check out the site, which, Ubben stresses, is only in the early stages (there are more great things to come, she promises) and find Author’s Tea on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.