Brad BellLake Highlands High School 2004 grad Brad Bell cleaned house last night at the International Academy of Web Television Awards – the Emmys for shows specifically created to be viewed online. Bell, who performed in numerous LHHS musical and theatrical productions, created the web-based sitcom series, Husbands.

Bell won for Best Male Performance in a Comedy, Best Comedy Ensemble, Best Writing and Best Comedy Series. Of 100 shows nominated in 35 categories, Husbands was honored most with 10 nominations.

The awards are the cherry on the sundae for Bell’s series. The show recently announced they’d return for a third season on The CW’s new online platform, CW Seed. The CW plans to make the popular show CW Seed’s “flagship series,” with plenty of on-air publicity.

Husbands, which premiered in 2011, features a newly-married homosexual couple. Bell is openly gay.

Web-based television is a burgeoning industry, with many new series (House of Cards) and the revival of others (Arrested Development, All My Children) choosing to forgo mainstream channels altogether.

Congratulations, Brad Bell.