Donate the gift of language to the English as a second language students at the Vickery Meadow Learning Center. Though the Vickery Meadow neighborhood flanks Lake Highlands, it can feel like a separate world — some 20 different languages are spoken among the approximately 36,000 residents of the 2.86-square mile community. (Learn more about the ways art and entertainment is contributing to a greater sense of confidence and community among Vickery Meadow residents). For many years, the Vickery Meadow Learning Center at 6329 Ridgecrest also has been a source of hope and enlightenment in the area. The English teachers at VMLC all are volunteers who have taken a brief introductory course and committed to teaching one 2-hour class per week. No teaching experience or foreign language is required. Minimum age to volunteer is 18. More volunteer opportunities — mentors, computer lab aides, office help, special events coordinators, to name a few — also are available. Attend an orientation session Jan. 6 or 9 to learn more. For more information or to check times and RSVP for orientation, email lharling@vmlc.org or call 214.265.5057 x102.

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