Runners finish makeshift marathon Downtown:

Runners finish makeshift marathon Downtown:

The cancellation of the weekend’s big race made for droves of disappointed, frustrated Dallas marathoners. But they seem to be OK now, thanks to the kindnesses of various race organizers and volunteers and a general never-say-die attitude.

I wrote the other day what the cancellation might mean for the city and the race beneficiary, but the collective emotional letdown around here — though it is esoteric and indeterminate — was palpable.

People – like this guy – put in months of difficult preparation, often for deeply meaningful reasons. So if you know someone who was planning to run the Dallas Marathon — even that annoying guy who is always saying things like “pace group” and “PR” and “interval runs” and has that 13.1 sticker on his car — have a little pity on him. In a way that might be hard to understand, he has suffered a seriously disappointing loss.

Some runners refused to let a little thing like an official cancellation keep them from running the marathon and/or half marathon through the streets of Dallas.

About 25 people gathered Sunday morning for makeshift marathon “Icepocolypse 2013”. They generally stuck to the planned course, beginning a little after 8 a.m. Our photographer was there, so look for those photos soon.

David Hartwig, who was supposed to man the mile-19 water stop on the marathon course, set up despite the cancellation, much to the appreciation of those who ventured out Sunday morning — and there were a number of them.

Sunday morning runners take a break at unofficial Mile 19 at White Rock Lake: Salome Ricardo

Sunday morning runners take a break at unofficial Mile 19 at White Rock Lake: Salome Ricardo

The organizers of the Dallas Marathon are making an effort to soothe the sting — for one thing, they will mail to each registrant a “participation” shirt, which was to be handed to race finishers. Also, the 2013 marathon entrants will receive a “special offer”, to be announced soon via email, for 2014 entry, according to an email sent to 2013 marathon registrants.

This is more than they technically have to do — the waiver signed by each runner at registration states that the race, if canceled due to weather or natural disaster, etc., is non-refundable.

Finally, those who were registered this year and run next year will receive medals for this and next year. I am not sure how these logistics will be handled at next year’s finish line, but we will leave that be for now.

Meanwhile, the White Rock Running Co-op and Dallas Running Club plan to run next Saturday to benefit both antsy runners and the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital — the Dallas Marathon beneficiary. It starts at 8 a.m. at the Bath House Cultural Center. Why are they doing it? “Because doing something productive for others is better than complaining on the internet,” says organizer Chris Stratton, adding that participants should bring a donation from this list. Get more details here.

Fort Worth Running Company will put on a certified marathon and half marathon next weekend in Cowtown. The event will not be electronically timed, but results will be posted by old-fashioned gun time, according to an e-mail, and entry will cost an affordable $30. More details about the event, dubbed “Icenado Revenge” are here.

Sympathetic organizers of the Louisiana Marathon, which takes place in Baton Rouge Jan. 19, have offered 15-percent off the entry fee to the Louisiana race for Dallasites. (Use the code DALLAS at the checkout to receive the discount). Baton Rouge is about a six or so hour drive from Dallas, so many (myself included) have taken them up on it. They made the same offer to those from Memphis, whose Dec. 8 marathon also was canceled, so if you are interested in this offer, sign up soon because the Louisiana marathon has a limit of 2,000 runners.