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Humans inherit almost-certain eventual heartbreak when they adopt a pet; the sorrow comes swifter still when it is an already old pet. Four years ago, Lake Highlands resident Quinn Weyhe met an irresistible 13-year-old blind corgi-pug mix at a local adoption event. “He was so sweet, and something about him just got to me,” Quinn recalls. “We didn’t plan to take him home, but as we started walking away, I burst into tears. I told [my boyfriend] Matthew: Even if he only has one year left, let’s give him the best one of his life.” The dog, named Walter, lived four years, until this November. “This guy taught me more about love and patience than anything or anyone could,” Quinn says. Matthew and Quinn, now married, miss reaching over the bed to pet those soft little ears, they say, but the light old Walter brought to their lives still glows.