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Snappy Salads pozole:

1. Vietnamese hole in the wall La Me specializes in crab soup—crab and shrimp tapioca noodle soup, crab and shrimp porridge or crab dumpling noodle soup. For the especially adventurous, they even offer an escargot and crab tomato noodle soup.Of course they also make a mean Pho, with whatever ingredients you choose. 9780 Walnut Street, suite 140, 972.669.8515

2. Snappy Salads does salad like art. If you are lucky, the chef might make you a bowl of Pozole—a traditional Spanish soup abundant with pork, red chili and myriad veggies such as shredded cabbage, radishes and cilantro. Ask what off-menu soups they are making today. 5941 Greenville, 214.361.7627

3. Sweet Tomatoes offers a hearty selection of soups—Big Chunk Chicken Noodle, French onion, clam chowder, spicy chili, beef stew, Asian ginger broth, to name a few—and for the nutrition conscious, the data. 5500 Greenville, 214.369.2200

Tukta Thai Tom Yam:

Tukta Thai Tom Yam:

4. The aroma of Tom Yam spicy lemongrass soup at Tukta Thai alone is satisfying, and a cupful warms the soul. Mmmm. It is the perfect start to a flavorful meal at Lake Highlands’ favorite strip mall Thai joint. Not a fan of lemongrass—there are some seven soup varieties from which to choose. 9625 Plano, 214.342.0121

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