In the November issue of Lake Highlands Advocate, contributor Ellen Raff writes about her experience at the city’s  first in a series of “Conversations about Race” and why such discussions are important to Lake Highlands in particular — both its residents and leaders. Essentially, it is because of Lake Highlands diverse — both socioeconomically and culturally — population.

Our area councilman Jerry Allen attended:

“Are we perfect? No,” Allen said of District 10 and issues related to Lake Highlands’ multi-ethnicity. “Are we doing our best and getting better? I think so.”

Allen believes that talk will only take us so far. Real progress comes from action. He said he sees positive action daily in our local schools and after-school program. 

The next session is planned for Saturday, Dec. 7 at City Hall council chambers. A session especially for youth is set for Dec. 21 at Dallas Performance Hall.

“Young people think about things differently,” Rawlings noted at the presentation. “And if we believe in diversity, we’ve got to have young people in the conversation.”

See Ellen’s entire column here.

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