Lake Highlands Drive in East Dallas: Google Maps

Lake Highlands Drive in East Dallas: Google Maps

Should the city change the name of (a section of) Plano Road to Lake Highlands Drive?

Many Lake Highlands residents have been prompted by their homeowners association to offer input on a street name change proposal.

The name change makes sense. Plano Road, once you cross Northwest Highway to the south, changes to Lake Highlands Drive, and Lake Highlands Drive runs right through Old Lake Highlands and up to White Rock Lake, but all of Lake Highlands Drive arguably is south of Lake Highlands and not in Lake Highlands.

Plano Road, for a portion, is in Lake Highlands, so as the L Streets newsletter puts it, “In an effort to increase the visibility and definition of Lake Highlands, there is a proposal within the City of Dallas to rename a segment of Plano Road to Lake Highlands Drive.”

The proposed name change would extend Lake Highlands Drive to the north about three miles. Of course it would mean an address change for many Lake Highlands businesses and residents.

The aforementioned newsletter invites Lake Highlands residents to take part in a survey “to gauge the public support for this proposal and will base further action on the results of this survey.”

To take part, follow this link: