News, reported by someone else, from in and around our neighborhood.

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Red Kayak:

Water therapy 
Meet Justin Terveen. He is an evidently good-humored man with, “A veritable smorgasbord of poor health issues,” as he puts it to the Morning News’ Leslie Barker, and, might I add, an outstanding beard. In this article, Terveen describes how he is getting healthy. Central to his success is the red kayak he paddles around White Rock Lake. The exercise is boosting his physical and mental fitness, he tells the News, noting that his “Xanax intake has been reduced significantly.”

NorthPark Center sculpture

NorthPark Center sculpture

NorthPark surrounded by extreme wealth, except where there’s extreme poverty, but let’s not talk about that right now
NorthPark Center recently announced 10 new high-end tenants. Why do all these fancy stores want to open at NorthPark? The Dallas Business Journal cites a study by Jones Lang LaSalle, which points to the vast affluence among residents in the three-mile radius surrounding NorthPark. Though it’s the closest mall to our neighborhood, Lake Highlands is not part of said study. (I assume Vickery Meadow—a densely populated community struggling with high crime, poverty and related issues—which is 1.2 miles from NorthPark, also was not included in said study).

Mom does not think sliced bread, even while sandwiching melted cheese, is the best thing 
Here in the Richardson ISD, when a child forgets his lunch/lunch money, he’s offered a grilled cheese sandwich. One RISD parent, whose application for reduced/free lunch apparently caught a glitch, is indignant because her children received the grilled cheese sandwiches rather than the standard hot lunch offered to paying and/or free-lunch students—there are some interesting facts about the RISD and Dallas-ISD lunch programs in Steve Pickett’s story, which focuses on the parent who chose to take her administrative problems to the television media.