Quesa-D-Ya’s Lake Highlands delivery area

This sure happened quickly once they got started. Quesa-D-Ya’s “Lake Highlands” is now open at 10240 Northwest Highway (near Ferndale).

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I place the words “Lake Highlands” in quotations only because (despite the fact that this is how the good folks at Quesa-D-Ya’s identify themselves) Lake Highlands readers occasionally become worked-up over the areas we identify as “Lake Highlands.”

The Quesa-D-Ya’s location is right at what we consider the dividing line between Lake Highlands-East Dallas, for the record, and no official borders exist. But I don’t want to split hairs here, folks.

No. It’s time to celebrate the cheesy, spicy, flaky-tortilla-encrusted scrumptiousness available to us via this cozy and adorable new Northwest Highway location, whether you live on the Lake Highlands or the East Dallas side of Northwest Highway — Quesa-D-Ya’s delivery goes both ways.

Now let the gratitude, tolerance and culinary solidarity, like gooey cheddar, melt over those on each side of the pretend neighborhood borders.

One problem: On my way home I dropped in and ordered a Huge veggie quesadilla pie. When I opened my email just an hour later, there was a coupon for half-off any Huge D-Ya.

So I blew nine unnecessary dollars. Humph. But the thing was good, so I won’t sweat it, and I will have to return with my coupon before Sunday, which is when it expires.

How might you score such a coupon, you ask? Visit the D-Ya’s website and sign up for their newsletter.