Rosalyn Story:

Rosalyn Story: Amber Plumley

Lake Highlands resident Rosalyn Story is a writer and musician. We profiled her in the Advocate in 2012 when she was promoting her book, Wading Home, whose narrative is built around a Jazz musician dealing with the aftermath of Katrina.

Here, Story, a member of the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, describes how the music died, at least temporarily, after the disaster:

“For a long time after the storm, there was no music in New Orleans, which is very uncommon for that city. No birds, no music in the streets. Only silence.”

She added that the “funeral processions became a significant example of how music can heal.”

Story’s family has roots in New Orleans, and she learned a great deal about history and her own family and culture in writing Wading Home, she told the Advocate.

Earlier this week, KERA featured Story. She spoke of a recent return to New Orleans, which is now “thriving”. She also explores some of the post Katrina transplants to Texas who don’t plan to go back.

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