QuestCare by Watermark Community Church is open at Skillman-LBJ

Far North Dallas-based Watermark Community Church has opened a healthcare clinic at Skillman-LBJ to serve the surrounding area, mostly residents of Lake Highlands-area apartment communities.

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Medical professionals Laura Trent and Ryan Martin collectively have traveled around the world to disaster-torn cities to deliver both medical care and religion to suffering people.

Today, according to a Q&A posted on the Watermark Church blog, they have turned their attention to families in our area plagued by poverty and a lack of health care. “Approximately 90,000 people live within two miles of the clinic … 49 percent of the children live below the federal poverty line,” according to information provided by Watermark.

“Our team is committed to changing the physical and spiritual health of that zip code for the long run,” notes Trent, a nurse who once worked at a clinic in Zambia.


Ryan Martin and Laura Trent, members of Watermark will lead the team at QuestCare in the Lake Highlands area:

She adds that health care professionals at Quest Care, unlike those at traditional clinics, will have the opportunity to share the Christian faith with patients.

The clinic is powered by volunteers, so anyone interested in helping, whether a medical professional, translator, accountant or administrator is urged to contact organizers at

QuestCare Clinic is located at 9780 LBJ Freeway, Suite 124.

The shopping center also is home to The New Room community church, an extension of Lake Highlands United Methodist. I am in fact working on a piece about that shopping center and the surrounding area and the efforts underway by faith and nonprofit leaders to improve the quality of lives there. Stay tuned for more of that.