Pete Delkus:

Pete Delkus:

In response to an article in the August Advocate, WFAA meteorologist Pete Delkus calls up a 9-year-old fan.

Last month we published a story about Lauren Buntenbah, a child artist whose brother Riley Rawlins, a Lake Highlands High School junior, was in the headlines in 2011, after losing his life to a reportedly reckless and unlicensed driver.


As Lauren’s family wages the legal battle against Rawlins’ alleged killer, the fourth-grader has found some modicum of  solace and happiness through art.

When I interviewed Lauren and few months ago at the Dutch Art Gallery where her work is displayed, she mentioned her keen interest in meteorology (her grandmother said it was more like an obsession) and that  weatherman Pete Delkus was her favorite TV personality. (In fact, as successful as she is in the art world, she really envisions a future in meteorology, she said.)

In describing Lauren’s personality in the magazine article, I mentioned her fierce fondness for Delkus. A few days after publication, the well-known weatherman gave Lauren a call. Apparently, a reader brought the story to his attention, so he called to chat and to set up a time in the near future to meet with his young fan.

My extremely out-of-focus pic of Lauren and Sallie Buntenbah when they visited the Advocate office

Lauren and Sallie Buntenbah visiting the Advocate office this week


It has been extremely exciting, Lauren’s grandmother Sallie, says. Since the story came out, people have even dropped by the Dutch Art Gallery to see if Lauren’s work was available for purchase.

(They are exploring the option of having postcards or prints made of Lauren’s drawings, so we will keep you posted on that).