Chili-Honey Roasted Nuts, that is. And Gourmet Sea Salts that will delight your kitchen.

I came across Milton at the White Rock Local Market. We chatted. I tasted. I fell in love. With his amazing products! And a little bit with Milton, too.

He is so sweet and enthusiastic — crafting his specialties is a fun pleasure for him, which always translates to quality in product. I left with a sample of each salt and have been cooking with them for weeks. Flavors are truly unique and lend a creative taste to anything lucky enough to get a sprinkle.

I wanted to know more so headed to his workshop kitchen last week.

Milton handmakes his Nuts + Salts from start to finish

Milton handmakes his Nuts + Salts from start to finish

Chef Milton Gourmet products are his retirement activity + business. Most of his career was spent in advertising art direction. Many years of which were with the Hunt family in different capacities and industries — flying around to oil fields, tennis tournaments or wherever they needed him.

That led to freelance art direction during which he attended nighttime culinary school at El Centro alongside his stepson. It stuck. He graduated with near-perfect grades and started working as a personal chef. Wanting a unique snack for guests to munch on when first sitting down to dinner with their cocktails, he created his Chili-Honey Roasted nuts. They were a hit. Sending them to friends, family and clients for Christmas one year resulted in unexpected, high-volume order requests.

Milton was a Nut Guy. Officially.

But he didn’t stop there.

Onward to salts!

Oh boy, are his flavors beautiful. My favorite is the lavender, which is made from French blue lavender (“No comparison …” says Milton, “It’s the best.”) His favorite is Smoked Atlantic Sea Salt and Pepper Melange. He smokes black, white and green peppercorns and pink buds, then blends them all together with the salt.

Hatch Chili Sea Salt
Lime Cilantro Sea Salt
Lavender Sea Salt

Above are just a few of the 13 available flavors. Milton sources his salt rocks from the coast of Brazil. All other ingredients, jars and labeling are made in the U.S. Milton grinds, smokes, blends, roasts, seasons and packages every single product himself.
WHOA—what a deal at $7 per jar of gourmet. And the nuts start at just $3. Dang, Milton. Way to offer a fantastic product at a totally affordable price point. Frugal Foodie likes.


Milton's Chili-Honey Roasted Nuts are available at Jimmy's, Green Grocer, and all Central Markets

Milton’s Chili-Honey Roasted Nuts are available at Jimmy’s, Green Grocer, all Central Markets, online at his site and various other spots around town including White Rock Local Market

Want to win a few of Milton’s Salts or maybe some nuts?

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