We could see the smoke from our Lakewood office earlier today. “Looks like, about, Lake Highlands,” our art director said. And her estimation was correct.

Several emergency vehicles responded to the 9100 block of Church Road, where they reportedly extinguished a fire before anyone was injured.

Witness/Lake Highlands resident Peggy Hill says she heard three explosions at about 2:45 p.m.
“Went to check and when I got in front of LHHS I could see a huge, black smoke ball billowing from what appeared to be Skillman at Church intersection”

Hill and members of the Pebble Creek Homeowners Association investigated a bit and learned that a wood chipper caused the fire.

“The bulldozers had been feeding trees and brush into a wood chipping machine and the chipper overheated and caught on fire,” Hill reports.

“That fire caught the pile of wood chips on fire and the heat from both caused the tires on the chipper to each explode and to fly across the fields. The tires were the explosions. No one was hurt. It sure got the attention of the surrounding community.”