Egg Roll Fortune: Google Maps

Egg Roll Fortune: Google Maps

It’s been a staple in East Dallas for a long time. Now the Snow Pea is closing its Lakewood Shopping Center location and moving closer to Northwest and Plano, where Egg Roll Fortune used to be. Though I have worked at the Advocate, across the street from Snow Pea, for many years, I have never eaten there. The fact that the restaurant had no windows always bothered me. I have, however, loved Egg Roll Fortune, as long as I can remember, through the last two ownerships. Hopefully the Snow Pea peeps will do it justice.

Here’s what our reporter Brittany Nunn wrote on the East Dallas Advocate site:

As of today, Snow Pea Chinese restaurant has officially closed its doors at the location at 2007 Abrams (in the Lakewood shopping center with Legal Grounds and Scalini’s), but that’s not the last we’ll see of the restaurant.

Also as of today, everything has been transferred over to a location across the lake at 10518 E. Northwest Highway near Plano Road. The kitchen, the wait staff and the telephone number all have been moved to the new location, and Snow Pea is still making deliveries, so you can still order Chinese on those nights you don’t feel like cooking. The number is 214.824.4354, or 214.824.4948.

Kert Platner, the owner of the Snow Pea building and also of Times Ten Cellars, says he’ll be looking for a new tenant to take over the vacant spot very shortly.

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