Lake Highlands residents tweeted today's search, including photos of the mounted police

Lake Highlands residents tweeted today’s manhunt, including photos of the mounted police

Dallas police announced in a press conference this afternoon that they will exhaust all resources in their attempt to catch the person or persons who has sexually attacked Lake Highlands women.

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(Carol Toler contributed to this report).

I was away from my computer when all heck seemed to break loose in Lake Highlands. After a couple texts and phone calls, I took to Twitter and realized several Lake Highlands schools were on temporary lockdown as police investigated a crime nearby — that was the word from RISD, officially.

Here’s what we have now:

As we told you over the weekend, a second rape happened on Ferndale in Lake Highlands last Friday, but the two events are most likely not related.

Today another home-invasion attack and attempted sexual assault occurred, and police are full throttle — helicopters, horses, and school lockdowns — in their attempt to catch the person who committed said attack, who could possible be the same person who committed last Friday’s attack.

However, the victim in today’s attack and the one in Friday’s attack describe their attacker differently.

This morning’s attack on Aldwick, which the victim was able to fight off and escape, reportedly involved a “Latin male, 20s, thin, mustache.” Friday’s attacker was reportedly “20s, chubby, no facial hair, buzz cut.”

Chief Brown told the press at 3 p.m. today that they are commencing a full fledged investigation until the rapist (s) is/ are caught. They have established a tip line for anyone who knows anything about these crimes — 214.670.4415.

Police say today’s victim, at a home near Lake Highlands Elementary, scratched the attacker. Brown told the press that he is throwing everything he has at this.

Lake Highlands parents are shaken, but generally trust law enforcement and the school administration, they say.

“I went to work today as normal. I received a call from RISD communications department explaining the situation,” says Merriman Park Elementary mom Tori Cohorn. “I also received a phone call from MPE’s principal Laurie Taylor explaining the situation again. I was confident that RISD and MPE were doing all they could to keep kids safe. I did not panic and take my kids out of school. I am also confident in the Dallas Police Department that they were doing all they could to capture a criminal.

“I was and still am a little unnerved by the attacks that have happened in the Ferndale area and I am hoping for a quick arrest. I am always cautious, keep my doors locked at all times and am glad I own two big dogs.”


Lake Highlands High School mom Carolyn Murray says she feels confident that the police have this under control, but that she will double check the locks on doors at home.


Lake Highlands resident Valerie Briscoe echoes those sentiments and adds that she still can’t think of a better place to live than Lake Highlands.

Most of the women we spoke with signed off with the following (or some variation thereof): “I hope they catch the creep”.