SONY DSCThe Exchange Club of Lake Highlands was honored by the Texas House of Representatives last week with a resolution praising them for their past and continuing service to the community. Jason Villalba, representing House District 114 covering most of Lake Highlands, sponsored the proclamation.

Exchange Club members Ronda Moreland, Justin Bono, Sherman Burns and John Waters (pictured with Villalba) traveled to Austin to receive the honor and heard Villalba express his pride at the work the club does serving the community in his district.

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While in Austin, the club members also met with State Senator John Carona and State Rep. Kenneth Sheets, enjoying their chance to see the behind-the-scenes operations of our state government while in session.

The Exchange Club has been serving Lake Highlands for more than 50 years, giving away more than $100,000 in annual college scholarships and supporting community organizations such as Healing Hands Ministries, Family Compass and the LH YMCA. Their Fourth of July Parade, Casino/Auction Party and Oktoberfest are not-to-be-missed neighborhood events.