CatmanThe Lake Highlands High School senior class decided to host a beauty pageant, and – just to shake things up – they went looking for a few good men to fill the role of contestants. They’re calling the spectacle Catman and billing it “The Momma of All Drama.”

Twenty LHHS students will compete in the pageant, to be held February 15 at 7 p.m. in the school’s auditorium. The event is a fundraiser for senior class activities, including prom and the all-night party that keeps the kids supervised and safe afterward, and will have the guys facing off in swimwear, talent, personality and evening wear competitions. Judges will crown a Catman that night, and the title of Best Arms and Best Legs will be awarded based on a student vote the week prior at school.

“The initial goal is to raise money,” said Michael Bonahoom, VP of the senior class, “but just after that is starting something we believe could still be a tradition 30 years from now.”

Michael told me that students who wanted to participate merely had to sign up, “but the student body played a big role in convincing certain guys to sign up. It’s also perfect chance for juniors trying out for Bell Boys this spring to show off their stuff.” Seniors, juniors and sophomores will be participating.

So, I had to ask. Will it get a little racy?

“We are aiming for a family-friendly show,” said Michael. “However, it is a show filled with high school boys, making it a little unpredictable.”

Tickets are available at the door for $5 each.