great outdoors1 It’s been a long time since I ate at Great Outdoors on Greenville, but yesterday I found myself in the right place at the right time for a sub sandwich.

Restaurants come and go quickly along this stretch, so I wasn’t sure they were still open, but I’m happy to report they are. In fact, I was glad to see they were doing brisk business, considering Subway is just about everywhere.

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Quick assessment — a great tasting sandwich, more expensive by a dollar or so than Subway, but the sandwich was also larger, slightly wider, and slightly taller (which means the filling wasn’t quite so skimpy.) I like the country lake-house decor. The store on Greenville has a lot of big windows and natural light, adding to the “outdoor” motif. My personal favorite feature, 2nd only to good food:  the canned music wasn’t too loud.

On the way out, I noticed there was a substantial line of cars waiting for drive-thru service. There are only a couple of parking spaces out front, but there is ample parking behind the building. They also cater with giant subs for parties, if you give them 24 hours notice. Fun fact: nutritional information on their menu items (and even Weight Watcher points) is listed on their website.

Bottom line: I’m looking forward to going back soon.