dodgen bracelet closeupForest Meadow 8th graders Grant Dodgen, Ryan Brockette and Ryan Billman don’t know Laura Beth Rote. She’s in Kindergarten at Highlander School – she doesn’t exactly run in their circles. But when she was diagnosed with Leukemia, her dad – their Charger football coach – was distraught.

The boys felt they needed to do something. They wanted to help Coach Rote’s family.

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Ryan, Ryan and Grant had bracelets printed and sold them to friends for a dollar. Last night, at the Forest Meadow basketball game, they presented a check to Brian Rote for $700 to help with medical expenses.

check presentationLaura Beth and her family face two more years of treatment for her illness. But they say knowing that Lake Highlands, including boys like Ryan, Ryan and Grant, are behind them, makes all the difference in the world.

If you didn’t get a chance to buy a bracelet but you’d like to contribute to the boys’ total, you can contact Grant’s mom, Laura, at She’ll pass your check along to the family’s medical fund.

Laura Beth