Dallas-Calatrava-Bridge_600px-150x150The City Council has had little trouble balancing the budget by devastating the library system, cutting cops, and neglecting animal control. But when it comes to anything related to the Trinity River boondoggle, they spend like drunken high school students on South Padre Island.

Their latest spring break fling came this week, when a council committee voted to cover yet another cost overrun on the second Calatrava bridge by spending $1.9 million in bond money that was supposed to go for public art. Hardly anyone on the committee seemed concerned, save for Oak Cliff councilman Scott Griggs and the M Streets’ Angela Hunt. “We’re already 34 percent over budget?” asked Griggs. “This is outrageous.”

Not really, councilman. Letting a cat die inside the walls of the animal shelter is one thing. But offending the elite that wants the bridge built? Can’t have that, can we?